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Founded 2019

It all started with competitive spirit and determination. Dakota, a senior economics student at UW Oshkosh at the time, was set on entering the Culver’s Business Model competition. With no business or ideas, he relied on his experience as a bartender and discovered that there are some major issues with the way tap beverages are bought and sold. He decided that there may be a way to build a self-service system that could serve beverages fully autonomously and came up with the first idea for a Taptech system. He brought the idea to his friend Alex, a commercial real estate developer, and together, they created a business model and won 2nd place in the Culver’s Business Model competition! From that moment, Taptech was born. 


Since that time, the Taptech team has developed a cutting edge software that can upgrade any tap system into a smart station to bring the beer, coffee, and alternative drink markets into the future. Fast forward through adding a new team member, going through 3 accelerator programs, competing in 4 pitch competitions, and a ton of learning as we go, we have been able to transform Taptech Systems into a dynamic company with the ability to service any vending needs. Dakota, Alex, and Michael have all been working full-time jobs while working on Taptech on the side, and are dedicated to their vision of bringing Taptech Systems worldwide into stadiums and major venues. 


And the rest is histor- we mean, the future!

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