Just a couple friends from college, 

Who all went on to accomplish some pretty spectacular things. With one great idea, we were able to use our unique skills to build something truly special.

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Dakota Swank 

Chief Executive Officer 

A relentless leader; Dakota was forged in the fires of his failures. After dropping out of college and moving out West, he found himself in door to door sales making almost no money, and living in his car. He was forced to adapt, and getting good at the task he despised became his only path forward. Dakota went on to become a master of sales, and opened his own branch. He later returned to school, earned 2 degrees, and delivered the commencement speech for his graduating class at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh in 2020.

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Alex Oberthaler 

Chief Operating Officer 

Alex is truly the engine that drives Taptech Systems. He attended UW Oshkosh  before taking his future into his own hands by pursuing a career in commercial real estate. Alex earned his license within months, proving to everyone that he knew the path he was meant to take. He has closed millions of dollars in deals and continues to build his reputation as a successful commercial real estate agent. His responsibilities at Taptech Systems are very diverse and include engineer coordination, hardware oversight, logistics, installation management, and sales. His continued dedication to our company is the driving force that will propel Taptech Systems to a leadership role in our industry.


Michael Todd 

Creative Director 

In-house creative, Michael is a highly motivated UW-Oshkosh graduate bursting with talent and energy. Full of positivity and passion, creator of the Taptech Systems brand and several more thriving brand identities, Michael is our creative edge, and experience creator.

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