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Our software solution stands apart from the competition by automating more of the business operations and allowing vendors to market directly to their customers.

Account for Every Drop

Using metered flow technology

Reclaim 25% of Every Keg

Our systems reclaim the 1/4 of every keg that is wasted due to server and equipment faults.

Boost Sales

Increase sales without increasing inventory. Identify and advertise to your target audience.

Easy and Efficient Samples

State-of-the-art tap systems offer samples at a per ounce rate.

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The Superior Experience

Provide a superior customer experience with Taptech Systems.

Increase Margins

Cut your staffing and labor expenses

Boost Capacity

Increase your overall sales capacity

Faster Service 

Improve wait times and eliminate long lines

Virtual Control Panel

Manage your entire operation from any connected device. 


Change product and price displays with a tap. View and effortlessly track financial and inventory reports. Connect with and market directly to your customers.

First Party Data

Analytics and guidance


Target your marketing efforts more effectively.


Make better decisions on inventory


Build your business around your unique clientele

Safe & Sanitary

Keep pour stations clean with self-sanitizing capabilities.


Eliminate 99.9% of all surface and airborne contaminants

Automated Line Cleaning

Increase the quality of the beverages, lengthen the lifespan of your system & eliminate 3rd party cleaning fees

Confident Patrons

Draw in a more confident patronage, that will stay longer and buy more.

Serve Anything in a Keg

Our systems are compatible with any beverage that can be served from a keg.


Serve cold brew coffee, wines, cocktails, juices, kombucha, tea, soda, and any other beverage that you would like. Serving non-alcoholic beverages means less regulations around where, when, and to whom you can sell your beverages. Attract new patrons that you were currently not marketing to.

Take Taptech on the Road

With the Taptech Systems Trailer

Live Events

Serve at off-site events without the need for staff.

Expanded Services

Add a mobile service station to your current operation.


Perfect for small events like weddings, or massive events like music festivals. 


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